Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Long Arm of the Law...

...cor blimey!  I can't believe how quickly this past few weeks has whizzed past!  Tis time for my Jones DT offering.  Now a few weeks ago I was doing a demo day at Inspirations in Preston and there I was, sitting playing working and along came a policeman!  I know!  In a craft shop! *and yes, I somehow managed to look guilty even though I was, of course, totally innocent*  He had ventured into the shop to see if he could find something to mount a whistle in.  He had asked one of the gals who works in the shop and she brought him over to me (poor, unsuspecting chap) and of course, who am I to turn down the request of a policeman?

The whistle belonged to his sergeant who was retiring and he wanted to present it to him in a special box as a keepsake.  That was as far as he had got with his idea.  He was holding a little wooden box and looked a bit lost so I offered to help him out.  I painted the outside of the box for him, sanded it and then added some Distress Ink... at that point he had got a bit bored of watching paint dry and off he went to buy said box and go and fix the whistle into it.  He left me the lid of the box as payment for my time... yes, last of the big spenders lol   Of course, I needed to use the lid immediately so I filled it up with delish Rustic Harmony papers from Kaisercraft - painting the wood black, sanding it and then inking with Gathered Twigs to add a bit of vintageness to the project and then popping a few stamped butterflies into the box... voila, a quicky vintagey project finished.

I shall away now - I have a project on the go I need to attend to, exciting!!!   Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Stamper - Week 330 - Fake Plastic Trees

Goooodly Morning Stampers and a very happy Sunday to you all!  Thank you all for your fab entries for last weeks starry challenge - it was great to see all the different ways you did interpreted the theme.   The theme this week is FAUX TECHNIQUES You can interpret the challenge how you like: faux rust, faux porcelain, faux metal...  the choice, it be yours!  To join in with the challenge is simples: make a little something, it can be anything you fancy.  Add in the theme AND some stamping *this is THE important bit guys, please remember your rubberstamps!*  and then hop back here, leave me a comment with a link to the place you are showing your entry and I can come see you.   If you haven't got a blog, you can join in via Facebook (just tag me name) or by emailing a small res.pic to me.  The challenge will remain open until 21:00 Saturday 25th October 2014.

My entry this week is my class sample for today's Melty Distress Pot class at Daisy's Jewels in Coventry so I won't go into great detail on how I made it... I can tell you that I used Graphic 45's Twas The Night Before Xmas papers for my florally embellishment which I then dipped into clear UTEE in the Melting Pot and turned them into Faux Porcelain flowers and leaves... I LOVE doing this... in fact, it is probably the main thing I use my Pot for!

The background of the tag is Distress Ink - Antique Linen, Gathered Twigs and Walnut Stain... and then some stamping using Tim's flourishy stamp *this is one of my fave stamps ever* and a music score - both from old Xmas sets.  A smidge of beeswax appears on the tag... and there you have it.... I know, secretive today aren't I?  *teehee* :O)

I hope you enjoy the challenge theme this week - so often I chose a colour or a particular item, I thought that this was a nice one so you could go and get thoroughly messy in your arty spaces today - or all week for that matter as the challenge is open all week.   I shall away now... thanks for looking and have a goodly day!  TTFN

Hels x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Find Delight.... the title of this here page I made to go in my Worn Cover book I made for the Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge last week - HERE are all the deets on how to join in with the fabby challenge - most excellent prizes to be had too!  

I created the page by cutting a piece of card to fit inside the covers and then got cracking with those gorrrrgeous Wallflower papers from Mr Holtz.  If, like me, you keep even the smallest of snippets of papers (yes, I know you are nodding your head, hey, we are crafters, we keep stuff right?)  Where was I?  Oh yes, keeping snippets of paper... I keep everything... I am a nightmare, I have snippets of papers coming out of my ears (not literally, that would be...umm... rather daft!)  I like to use them up... and this is a great way... paper blocking!   A few years ago I stumbled across a gorgeous project by Paula Cheney (she who is Queen of All Things Amazingly Arty) and I loved the idea so much I went a bit mad and made tonnes of stuff using her technique.  HERE is the post I found to you can have a looksee.   Well, I love the Wallflower papers so muchly that I decided to just layer up those snippets coming out of my ears and voila, a page!

And another page on the other side.   You will see a distinct lack of embellishmentising... that is because I love the raw look of the pages so much I haven't got the heart to cover anything up.  I am sure once I tire of looking at something so flat (eek) I will start loading flowers and leaves and stuff onto them but for the moment... I loves them as they are.  Here's another piccie of my Worn Cover... I plan to fill the book up with lots of different pages and tags and stuff all using the same papers and stylee....

Thank you all for your kind comments, emails and messages about my poor health.  I have had one scan result in and thankfully, it is "normal"... well, as normal for me eh?  But I still have blood tests that are coming back dodgy so I need those repeating... and believe me, I am the world's biggest booboo when it comes to needles so I am beginning to look like a pincushion - a quaking one at that!  In the meantime, I have another scan at the end of the month and hopefully that will show up what is causing all this trouble.  I shall away now - I am prepping for my class at Daisy's Jewels tomorrow and as usual, am a last minute Annie!   Thanks for looking... have a great day! TTFN

Hels x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Stamper - Week 329 - Catch A Falling Star

Goooodly Morning Stampers and a very happy Sunday to you all!  Thank you all for your fabby leafy entries for last weeks challenge - I am loving all your different interpretations of the theme.   The theme this week is STARS You can interpret the challenge how you like: stamp stars, stencil stars, add starry embellies, add starry diecuts... the choice, it be yours!  To join in with the challenge is simples: make a little something, it can be anything you fancy.  Add in the theme AND some stamping *this is THE important bit guys, please remember your rubberstamps!*  and then hop back here, leave me a comment with a link to the place you are showing your entry and I can come see you.   If you haven't got a blog, you can join in via Facebook (just tag me name) or by emailing a small res.pic to me.  The challenge will remain open until 21:00 Saturday 18th October 2014.

For my entry this week I have altered one of Tim's Worn Covers.  If you visited yesterday you will have seen the brand new Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge theme is Worn Covers.   HERE are all the deets on how to join in with the challenge - if you haven't before, you are missing a great challenge that also has brilliant stashly prizes too.  To see my post from yesterday just scroll down the page and it will be there.   Anyways... I went to town when I was altering the insidey bit of the cover and decided that I would save my outsidey bit for the Sunday Stamper this week... and here it is!

I used lots of Distress Ink to alter the cover - starting with Antique Linen rubbed directly all over the cover to age it up a bit.  I then used Gathered Twigs to dirty up the edges - I do love taking something brand new and making it look like it has been kicking around for a yonk and a half and nowt does this job better than Distress Ink.  I then used a couple of Tim's Layering Stencils (Gothic and Stars) to add more inky details - Forest Moss for the Gothic and Gathered Twigs for the Stars.  Of course, I wouldn't be happy without adding my little harlequin stamp to the project - so that makes an appearance both inside and outside of the cover, stamped with Jet Black Archival so it pops more from the background.

Decorating stuff is where I find my happy place... bet you never guessed that right?  I stamped the large feather (Tim's Bird Feather stamp set) using Wendy's Cornflower, Tree Branch and Potting Soil Archival Inks, stamping onto a smidge of Wallflower paper and then cutting out the detailly bits of the feather.  Once cut, I edged it with Gathered Twigs so there weren't any ugly cut bits on show.   I used Distress Core-Dinations card to die cut some Spring Greenery, sanding and inking the leaves before layering them with the feather.  I did make a big old rose for the front of the book but... alas... it just didn't look right - it was too heavy and bulky for the effect I wanted so that is now on the Shelf-of-Stuff-I-Will-Get-Around-To-Using!  Instead I added some Prima flowers, they are flatter and worked much better for me.

Finally I began the embellishmentising... I love tipping all my embellies out on to the desk and rummaging and altering them with Distress Paints - which is what I did with a fair few of the metal pieces I chose.  The cool this with Distress Paint is that half drying and then rubbing off the still wet paint to reveal the underneathy bits... it makes the embellies look like they are all shabby and battered.  I didn't want to ignore the back of the cover so I added the same kind of decoration as the front and scrawled me initials - you know, just to remind meself I made it *teehee*.  I am really chuffed with how the cover turned out... and I have set myself a challenge to fill it up with pages... I have the first one made already so will be back later in the week to show you that.

You might have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog and haven't been on the tellybox for a while.  There is a good (or bad) reason for this.  I haven't been very well for a few months now and in the past few weeks I have really been suffering.  I have felt so rough some days I haven't even ventured into the Room of Stash!  I am undergoing tests and scans at the moment - I am finding out some results this week and hopefully then I will be able to get some treatment to make me better.  I am still trying to keep up with all my challenges and commitments but my poor old blog has been getting ignored.  Thanks to all who still visit and who join in with my challenge - with a bit of good luck, I will get better soon and be back to my old daily blogging ways soon.  

That's all from me for today... it is the final race meeting of the British Touring Cars at Brands Hatch - I am not well enough for us to go this year (boohoo) but we will be watching the telly and cheering GO PLATO!   Thanks for looking and have a great day! TTFN

Hels x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Curiously Covered...

Gooooodly Morning to all you lovely Compendium-ers!  Today sees the start of a brand new Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge.  To see all the details on how to join in with the challenge, CLICK HERE.  Also, if you pop across to Linda's blog, you will see all gorgeous creations that my talented teamies on the Curiosity Crew have made... well worth taking a cuppa and a packet of Digestives :O)    The challenge is sponsored by the Inspiration Emporium this time... so you will have a chance of winning a very generous Gift Certificate to spend there.  As ever, Tim & Mario have very kindly donated goodies for an extra prize... which will be awarded to the "Curiosity Crew's Choice"... so you have two chances of winning fabby prizes!  If you haven't got your Compendium book just yet, you can order a signed copy directly from the man himself... HERE.  And... Linda has also done a FAQ page for you.. HERE it is... all the info you will need is listed there.   This week we are turning to Page 35 of the book and playing with Worn Covers .  Now, as usual with the Compendium Challenge neither I nor the Curiosity Crew will be posting the technique instructions and participants must not do so either. We all want to encourage people to buy Tim's awesome book; giving away the instructions wouldn’t be fair to him. Linda will have no choice but to un-link any entries that don’t follow this rule. 

My Worn Cover has been well and truly inked into submission!  I make no secret of my lurve of Distress Inks - in fact, it is a rare project that doesn't feature something Distressy on it.  My Cover is the Diary Journal - there are several different cover designs to chose from and I particularly liked this one because of the printing on the front.   It wasn't really my colour palette for the project I have in mind so... out came good old Antique Linen and voila, it changed the pale cold tones to nice pale warm tones!   I added a smidge of stencilling using Tim's Layering stencils - Stars & Lattice Work - using Gathered Twigs and Scattered Straw DI's respectively.

Onwards with Wallflowers papers and Vellums... I totally LOVE this paper collection - you know sometimes you get a paper collection and there's one particular paper sheet you aren't keen on?  Not so with this one... I loves them all... front and back (ooh-hooo all double sided which is always a bonus isn't it?)   Because of my lurves for the Wallflower papers, I cannot bear to part with even a half inch snippet of the papers so I put to good use my hoarding ways and used up snippets of the papers to make some layers and blocks which were then stamped and inked and remant-rubbed.

I didn't want to leave them just flat though... of course, any chance of popping an embellishment onto my art, I am going to take it right?   But... the insidey bit can't be too fat so I went for Prima flowers and some bits and bobs of embellies, a bit of Linen Ribbon to tie around the binder fixing and voila... finished!    Now... I would show you the outside of my Worn Cover but... I am being cheeky and it is actually going to be my Sunday Stamper for tomorrow so please do pop back if you can to see it... oh and I made a page or two to go inside too... totally carried away with all this fun inking and papering!

That's all for now - don't forget, you will have two weeks to enter the challenge... and a bat at the chance of grabbing the Crew's Choice prize which is a mahooosive haul of stash donated personally by Tim & Mario... so if you are joining in, remember to comment on all the Crew's blogs and you will be in with a chance of winning that too *believe me, this is one gigantic pile of goodies*  I will just say a big thank you to every one of you who has taken part in the challenge so far, it has been great to visit your blogs and see your wonderful interpretations of the challenge themes!  Thanks for looking, have an inky inspirational day!  TTFN

Hels x

Monday, 6 October 2014

Creatively Hopping...

...tis a yonk and a half since I did a bloggy hop and when Lisette asked me if I wanted to be a part of a Creative Blog Hop, I ...erm... hopped (!) at the chance! *take a hop over to see Lisette too, her little houses are so darling and there's always a little buzzy bee to look out for on her fabby creations*   Here goes:

1. What are you working on at the moment?
Ahhh, I am one of those crafters that always have several projects cooking... I am a bit of a butterfly brain and I start something, get "so far" with it and then move onto something else... rarely do I start and finish something in one hit... I like to go away and take my time over the finishing touches.  So, answering the question: I have my next Compendium Challenge all sketched out and ready to put together.  I also have a big project I have been tinkering with for a few months... I will get it finished this week... I will! 

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I honestly don't know how to answer this question and I have never considered myself to have a "genre" as I love all kinds of crafty things: be it getting inky with all things Distress... or painty or altered... or simply playing with papers making roses.  I don't think I am special, I just love to make stuff and working through a creative process makes me happy.  If I am making something and it doesn't make me happy, I get rid of it... I can be quite brutal and I have a lovely big bin in the Room of Stash that often gobbles up stuff I am not happy with. 

3. Why do you create?
I can't begin to imagine how cluttered my brain would be if I didn't get creative every so often. Creativity gives me an outlet, something to "spill" out all the stuff inside my head, all the crazy ideas and thoughts... and putting all of that onto a piece of card or a canvas makes me happy (and a bit less crazy) and makes room for more nonsense to gather. 

4. How does your creative process work?
Aha!  Creative process?  Erm... I don't really have one to be honest.  Sometimes I will sketch out a design if I know roughly what I want to do or make. Or if I have an idea in the middle of the night I will get up and sketch it or note it down in my special book... and if the idea is particularly noisy in my head, I will actually sit down and make whatever it is that is bugging me!  I rather like creeping into the Room of Stash at 3am, lighting up a Yankee Candle (Black Cherry being my favest at the moment) and getting creative... especially as it is "free crafting time" because there are no distractions and no "lists" of other stuff to do that lurk there in the daytime making me feel guilty for playing.  I am so disorganised in the Room of Stash too - I have stuff everywhere, no proper storage solution and sometimes if I am feeling barren of Mojo, I will have a rummage through drawers and baskets and that might give me an idea for a project... so, as I said... no real creative process!  The one thing I do every single time I make something though is give me 100% attention to the details... that just finishes something perfectly.

That’s enough about me, now to the best part of this blog hop and that is to introduce me to some creative friends of mine:

Pauline Wheeler - my partner in crime - Pauline and I are oft found causing crafty mayhem at demo days and hopefully, next year we will be causing mayhem doing a special crafty class together :O))  Pauline is a master of all things crafty - she is one versatile cookie, have a look at what she has been doing with Brusho's! 

Lorraine Brown Robertson - my fave Scotty pal - Lorraine has an eye for detail... and uses all manner of products and stashly goodies in her art... the attention to detail and finishing touches make her projects stand out from the rest, check out her creations, you will be inspired!

Sue Jones - owner of Crafty Bunch, Telford and eater of ice cream - she eats LOTS of ice cream and has been known to travel several hundred miles to find it!  Now, what Sue does with paper is just beyond my comprehension.  How!? That's what I usually say when I see one of her creations.  She gets a pad of paper and turns it into something I wouldn't have even had the remotest thought of... for example: Graphic 45 Sports papers.. she only went and altered a real football! 

 That is more than enough waffle from me for today... I will be back soon with some pics of the demo projects I did last week... Thanks for looking... have a goodly day!  TTFN

Hels x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Stamper - Week 328 - Autumn Leaves

Goooodly Morning Stampers and a very happy Sunday to you all!  Thank you all for your grand entries to last weeks shading - it was great to see all the different ways you did the shading.   The theme this week is ADD LEAVES You can interpret the challenge how you like: stamp and cut out leaves, die cut leaves, stamped and coloured leaves... the choice, it be yours!  To join in with the challenge is simples: make a little something, it can be anything you fancy.  Add in the theme AND some stamping *this is THE important bit guys, please remember your rubberstamps!*  and then hop back here, leave me a comment with a link to the place you are showing your entry and I can come see you.   If you haven't got a blog, you can join in via Facebook (just tag me name) or by emailing a small res.pic to me.  The challenge will remain open until 21:00 Saturday 11th October 2014.

My entry this week is my class sample from yesterday's Dabble Day at Busy Bee's in Sheffield.  It is a Size 10 tag so  a nice big base to be working on.  I added some colour using Distress Ink and then some stencilling using Tim's Gothic stencil (my new favest stencil)   Torn papers to add some detail to the background and then some spiral blossom flowers which of course, needed leaves... which are Tim's Tattered Leaves, coloured with Forest Moss Distress Ink.

The sentiment is one of Tim's... from Stuff To Say... stamped onto cream cardstock using Jet Black Archival ink and then popped into a Memo Pin.  A bit of seam binding coloured with Distress Ink and made into a bow to adorn the top of the tag.

So, what you all got planned for today?  I am fully intending to spend most of the day lounging on the sofa, maybe catching up with a bit of telly and most definitely eating a big fat roast dinner... and maybe if I can be bothered to remove said lazy bones from sofa, I might get into the Room of Stash and have a little play with ink and stuff.  Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a good one!  Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x

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